XXI century is the time of hi-tech and cutting-edge technologies. All fields of human creativity experienced a natural transition into the new world. Custom Jewelry craftsmanship, although closely linked with handwork, is one of them. CAD Craft Guru is the next step in this evolution.


Computer-aided design (CAD) is widely used in modern industrial manufacturing processes. Today CAD is an essential tool of every craftsman. There are special CAD programs for jewelry manufacturing. Using jewelry CADs has become a standard practice in custom jewelry design.


Computer-aided design (CAD) in Jewelry

CAD helps customers see a three-dimensional (3D) object instead of looking at two-dimensional design sketches. Jewelry CAD, an application for conceptual modeling, allows to create a lifelike digital image that can be viewed at different angles in a wide range of metal and gem combinations.

CAD technology has a key position in custom jewelry design as it has become a must-have tool for creative jewelers.

Next step is producing a plastic model using CAM technology. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is a process of turning a conceptual modeling into a finished piece of jewelry. It follows rough 2-D sketching and 3-D custom design in CAD programs. Using CAD and CAM technologies allows creating jewelry images with precise dimensions and multiple viewpoint options. Since CAD/CAM introduction success rate of customer satisfaction achieved 99%.

At CAD Craft Guru, we help create a custom jewelry design you dream of.

Our work flow involves:

  • 2-D sketching of a jewelry piece that fulfills all customer’s wishes;

  • Creating a 3-D conceptual modeling in CAD programs that helps customers see a lifelike image of the future jewelry piece.

At client’s request, CAD Craft Guru specialists can then proceed to making a 3-D plastic model (that can be later used for casting). With the help of CAD and CAM technologies we can also produce a finished piece of jewelry assembled in metal of your choice and mounted with gemstone of your liking.

You can see our latest finished projects in the Gallery.

Michael Japaridze is a second-generation jeweler with superb 3D-CAD skills. He has a background in engineering which helped him master the skills in problem solving, drafting, structural integrity, craftsmanship and creativity. His motto is “you can succeed at any task when you do your best”

Michael came to the US as a refugee at the age of 21 and entered jewelry-manufacturing scene of 47th street in New York City in 1985. That is then that the skills he acquired became essential in his transition to jewelry design and manufacturing. Working side by side with immigrant workers from Europe, Asia, the Caribbean region and Latin America gave him a unique American experience of diversity and taught him the ethics of hard work.

When he acquired in-depth knowledge of custom jewelry production Michael Japaridze realized that his ability to visualize the future product and his background in engineering could help him become a Master jeweler and later CAD-designer. Since 2005, he has been using CAD programs to design all kinds of custom jewelry ranging from casual everyday pieces to engagement and wedding rings.

  • Getting to know what a customer likes, what styles they prefer, collecting their ideas and wishes. Drawing rough outline of the future custom design in pencil.


  • Submitting the 2-D sketch by CAD Craft Guru;

  • Creating 3-D images of fine jewelry design.


  • (At customer’s request) Creating a 3-D prototype plastic model;

  • Assembling jewelry in metal of your choice;